Moving long distance can be very stressful, and this can be compounded when you have to move with children.  Children can often take a long distance move harder than an adult because they are leaving behind everything that is familiar to them.  Fortunately, there are some steps recommended by My Long Distance Movers that you can take which will make you move much more comfortable on you and your children.


Make Sure To Move In The Summer

If you can plan when you are going to be moving your family, you should aim to do this in the summer months.  This will make the move easier for your children as they are not being pulled from school during term.  Being pulled during the term and having to start a new school during the school year can be very scary and nerve-wracking, particularly if your child is an introvert.  Moving during term can also result in your child missing school and falling behind which will increase the stress that they are under.

Of course, there are many reasons why you might not want to be moving during the summer months.  The increased costs are the most common issue as movers will increase the rates during the summer as this is the peak relocation period.  However, you need to think beyond this when you move with children and consider when the move would be best for them.

Break The News About Moving Early

A lot of parents think that it would be best to wait until closer to the moving date before they tell their children.  This is something that you should avoid because it could cause more problems when you are moving.  If you have a small child, they will not understand what is happening and will have questions.  It is better to give yourself the time to answer these questions and make them aware of the situation.

Older children will often be curious about the move and also ask a lot of questions.  They will start to wonder what the new home will be like, if they have to start a new school and if they will be able to see their friends after you move.  When you speak to an older child about the move, you need to be patient and empathetic because this can be scary for them.

Moving long distance with teens can be a major issue if you do not tell them about it early on.  Teenagers are more likely to rebel and resent you for the move.  Telling them about the move early will give them time to process their emotions before moving day.

Get Your Children Involved

My Long Distance Movers suggest that getting your children involved in the move is a great way of getting them more comfortable with the idea.  Letting them help you with some of the important tasks will also make them feel more useful and grownup.  Additionally, when you give them a role in the move, you can keep them excited about the move.

Some of the tasks that you can get your children involved in can include packing boxes, planning their new bedroom and helping you set up a sale for some old items.  You can also encourage them to go through their rooms to find older toys that they can sell and keep the money.  Of course, if you have teenagers, they may refuse to do anything move related if they are unhappy about it and you need to give them some space.

Visit The New Home And School

Depending on how far you are going to be moving, you should consider taking some time to visit your new home and their new school.  If you are moving to another country, you should show them online information about where you are moving to and the school they will be going to.  This will help them overcome some of the fears that children have when it comes to moving.

If you are able to visit the new home, you should show your children where their new room will be and what they can do in the neighborhood.  You should also take them to their new school and if possible take a tour of the school.  This will help them become familiar with the layout of the school and will make their first day there less frightening.  Older children will appreciate the visit as well as they will be able to see what they can look forward to instead of focusing on what they are leaving behind.

Have A Goodbye Party

Your child is likely to have friends and family that they will miss when you move.  Planning a goodbye party is a great way of giving them a chance to bid farewell to their friends and loved ones.  The party will also give them something to look forward to that is not the stressful move.  It is recommended that you allow your child to help plan the party or choose the venue if you cannot have it at your home.

Pack A Survival Kit

Once you have everything packed and are ready to move, you need to think about a survival pack for your child.  The pack should be filled with essential items for your child such as a few sets of clothes, snacks, their favorite toys, a tablet, their toothbrush and other necessary items.  If you are going to be flying to your new home, you should ensure that the pack can fit into your hand luggage.